Choosing the Right Bee Removal &Beekeeping Service in Houston

Choosing the Right Bee Removal & Beekeeping Service in Houston

Bees are glorious creatures, tasked with pollination and balancing the planet’s ecosystem for keeping the circle of life moving. Oh, and the honey! No surprise, then, that beekeeping service Houston is all the buzz.

As one of the leading providers of bee removal services in Houston, it can be stressful and downright scary to find a honeybee swarm or hive on your property. At Budget Bee Control, we provide an effective, non-toxic honey bee removal service in Houston. We do not use any harmful eradication methods and chemicals. And after safe removal, we make sure that honey bees are safely relocated to local beekeepers providing the best beekeeping service in Houston.

But finding a quality bee removal company is not always easy. With so many different options to weigh, how do you choose the right bee removal company?

Check out this reference guide to help you make the best choice for your situation.

Years of experience – A new business is not necessarily an indication of low-quality work. However, the number of years the company is in business, they are more likely to have the experience required to handle specific bee issues. Also, companies who have been in business for a significant amount are likely to have positive feedback/reviews from their customers.

Customer service – Responding to the calls in a timely manner, providing friendly and no-pressure consultation calls about their services, and frequent following up–all indicate how much a company cares about its customers and their overall experience.

Customer reviews – The experiences of other customers are the most vital pieces of information when it comes to hiring a quality bee removal company. Search review websites for customer testimonials to find out how happy they are and if they would choose to work with this company again.


Consider the below questions to make an informed choice when contacting a bee removal company.

What is the removal process? Do you kill the bees or re-home them?
Not every bee removal company is careful about protecting or securely relocating the honey bees. They use pesticides and other harmful chemicals to kill them. Companies like Budget Bee Control do not use harmful eradication methods and chemicals. We ensure that the bees are removed alive and well so they can be re-homed with a local beekeeper and continue to thrive and pollinate.

How do you ensure that the bees do not come back?
An experienced bee removal company will know that just removing the bees is not enough to prevent future bee infestations. A quality bee removal company will remove the hive and the entire honeycomb after the bees are removed. This will ensure that the bees are not attracted to this location in the future.

Hopefully, the below points will give you a framework for hiring a quality bee removal company that will get the job done in a fair, friendly, and affordable manner. If you are looking for bee removal services in Houston, contact the bee removal specialists at Budget Bee Control today.

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