Pest Control in Houston for Bees

Do you want to experience expert pest control for Bees in Houston? Trust us to get reliable and safe pest control in Houston for bees!

At Budget Bee Control, we understand the importance of bees in our ecosystem. While these pollinators are vital for our environment, bee infestations can sometimes become a concern for homeowners in Houston. It is where our expert bee removal or bee control in Houston comes into the scene.

Our Approach For Bee Control in Houston

We believe in responsible pest control in Houston for bees that prioritizes the preservation of bees. Our skilled technicians are trained to safely and efficiently remove bee colonies from your property. We specialize in live bee removal techniques and bee hive removal in Houston, TX, which ensure the bees are relocated rather than exterminated.

The General Public

We are experts removing the honey bees that same day or at a scheduled time as per your convenience.

Safety of the People

Unlike other service providers, we never use a vacuum bee removal from their hive

The health and wellness of the Colony

After removing the bees and relocating them to the local bee control in Houston, we work to make your space safer to prevent infestation again

Bee Removal

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Our Pest Control for Bees in Houston Includes

We are here for a comprehensive and responsible approach to handling the bee infestations.

Bee Removal

We specialize in safe, live bee removal techniques that ensure the preservation of these essential pollinators. Our experienced technicians are skilled in identifying bee species, their nesting habits, and the most effective removal methods.

Property Inspection:

Our team thoroughly inspects your property to locate the source of the bee infestation. Identifying the hive’s location is crucial for effective removal.

Customized Solutions

Every bee infestation is unique. We tailor our pest control strategies to your specific situation, whether a swarm in your yard or a hive inside your home’s structure.


To prevent future infestations, we offer bee-proofing solutions. We seal potential entry points and recommend making your property less attractive to bees.

Environmentally Friendly Beekeeping in Houston, TX

Our commitment to eco-conscious pest control ensures that we use methods that minimize harm to bees and the environment.

Educational Resources

We believe in raising awareness about bee preservation. Our website provides educational resources to help you understand the importance of bees and coexisting with them responsibly.

With us, you get more than just bee removal in Houston, TX – you get a partner dedicated to protecting your property and the bee population. Rely on us for ethical and bee-friendly pest control solutions.

Why Choose Our Service for Pest Control for Bees in Houston?

Bee-Friendly Solutions

We are committed to the well-being of bees. Our methods can resolve your bee infestation issue and contribute to the conservation of these vital creatures.

Experienced Team

Our team has years of experience dealing with bee infestations in Houston. We know the local bee species, their behavior, and the best methods for safe removal.

Safe and Efficient

We use state-of-the-art equipment and follow industry best practices to ensure the safety of your family and pets during bee or wasp removal in Houston, TX.

Customer Satisfaction

Your satisfaction is our top priority. We work diligently to provide effective bee pest control services that meet your needs.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation or to learn more about our bee-friendly pest control solutions and Bee Extermination in Houston. Rely on Budget Bee Control to handle your bee infestation with care and expertise to protect our precious bee population in Houston.

Pest Control in Houston for Bees

  • Sealy
  • Katy
  • Conroe
  • The Woodlands
  • Humble
  • Baytown
  • Clearlake
  • Galveston
  • Needville
  • Rosenberg
  • And everywhere else, too!

The Most Effective Bee Removal Near Me with Us!

What to do if your home or business in Houston becomes subject to bee infestation? Nothing to worry about when our expert bee exterminators are here! Rely on the experienced and knowledgeable bee exterminators at Budget Bee Control to get rid of the annoyance. Our professional honey bee control services are noninvasive and non-toxic that do not cause any harm to your property or space.

Say Goodbye to Bees on a Budget in Houston

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Find the Most Professional Bee Removal Service in Houston!

Budget Bee Control is the most reputable name in the Houston bee removal industry. We ensure providing bee-friendly, low-cost, and chemical-free honey bee removals that reflect our professionalism and expertise.

Our expert team gives attention to every detail, like:

  • The general public
  • Safety of the people
  • The health and wellness of the colony
  • It helps us perform the honey bee extraction, removal, and relocation efficiently without causing harm to anyone.
  • We are experts removing the honey bees that same day or at a scheduled time as per your convenience.
  • Unlike other service providers, we never use a vacuum bee removal from their hive.
  • After removing the bees and relocating them to the local Budget Bee Control in Houston, we work to make your space safer to prevent infestation again.

We can access the beehive without the property owner being on-site. You never have to be present or take time off work for our bee removal service Houston.

Pest Control in Houston


Fast service at a great price. I have used Budget Bee Control at several properties and Jeff is always very professional and does the job right. I highly recommend this company.

Cynthia Villa

Jeff was incredible!!!! He was very knowledgeable and professional. He helped us remove a huge bee colony from our exterior wall of the house. Thank you very much for your amazing work. We appreciate him and highly recommend him. Dalma and Antonio.


Good work at a reasonable price, half of what others were quoting me. Jeff is a nice guy and he took the time to explain what he did and why. I hope to not need his services in the future but I would go to him again if needed. He’s not a handyman so the side of the house needs to be repaired but that was expected and he warned us of this before starting his work.


Jeff is awesome. He is very accommodating and comes out same day. No messing around with BS packages and extra services you didn’t ask for or don’t need. I don’t ever write reviews for businesses but I’m glad to do it for Jeff. He is legit.

Eli Cherem

After being stood up by several bee people I was referred to Jeff by a coworker. I texted him and he came out and gave me a quote. He came when he said he would and took care of the problem. I was hesitant because I had been stood up several times. I have been dealing with this for months and I am happy to have found Jeff.

Diana C

Bees were getting inside of my home from the chimney but i wasnt sure how. Budget Bee Control was able to get me in the next day! He located the hive and explained to me everything about what he did to handle the problem and what to expect in the following days and weeks. Its been over a week and no bees have returned! He was so much help and very reasonably priced.

Candace Rose

I called Jeff to come take care of a hive issue we had under a modular trailer. He was able to come out same day and informed me he had taken care of the issue. He was in and out in about 7 minutes. I was not on site when he performed the work so I trusted him and sent him payment via Zelle.

Roman Urbina

Frequently Asked Questions

Bees can be dangerous and removing them without proper equipment and training can lead to serious injury or property damage. Professional bee removal services have the necessary tools, knowledge, and experience to safely and effectively remove bees from your property.

The length of time for bee removal depends on the extent of the infestation and the location of the hive. We will provide you with an estimated time frame during our initial consultation.

Do not approach or disturb the bees. Contact us immediately for a professional bee removal service.

Yes, we offer bee removal services for bees that have made their way inside your house or other structures on your property

We will provide you with tips and recommendations to prevent bees from returning to your property after removal, such as sealing up any holes or gaps where bees can enter, removing any sources of food or water that may attract bees, and keeping your property well-maintained.

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Are you dealing with a bee infestation in your home or business in Houston? Look no further than Budget Bee Control. Our team of experienced professionals offers comprehensive bee removal services to help you get rid of these pests for good.

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