Bee Extermination Houston

Bee Extermination

Bees Taking Over A Cabinet

If the bees have made it inside your home then extermination is most likely the only thing you can do. The bees will not leave on their own.

The queen bee prefers to nest in a hollow place with a small opening. Some common nesting places include:

  • The walls of a home or business
  • The attic usually close to the soffit
  • Under the floor of a raised home or trailer
  • In outdoor air conditioning units sheds, old tires, boats or old cars and RV’s
  • The hollow of a tree

Bee Extermination Houston

You can tell if the bees are nesting inside your property by looking to see if the bees are going in and out of any openings during the day. If so, they are nesting inside.

Budget Bee Control uses a fast and effective system of co2 and ECO dust. ECO dust is very toxic to bees and kills them quickly. ECO is exempt from the EPA because it is non toxic to people or animals.

We are the only company in Houston that has this system and the benefits are that it has a 100% success rate and helps keep the overall cost down to a minimum. This service is warranted for 90 days. If the bees are not completely gone in 24 hours we will retreat. I can also remove the honey comb if there is enough to cause a problem. There is also a more inexpensive way of foaming and encasing the honey comb which has become very popular. This saves time and money and will prevent future infestation.


It depends on how long the bees have been where they were to determine how much honey will be in the wall. It can leak out and stain the wall if there is a large amount of honey in the combs. But the bees would have to have been there for a very long time for this to occur.

Most of the time there will be no damage. Others will have some staining on the ceiling or walls. They can paint over the stain with a product like Killz and then repaint.

Some have to remove sheet rock and remove the combs but most feel it is more economical to wait and see if there is any damage before tearing out the sheet rock.

Robbing Bees

Robbing Bees

Bees which are out looking for food during the day may smell the honey left behind by the bees. They will enter the hive at your place, even with the poison there, cut open the honeycomb cells and rob the honey. They will take it back to their own home and keep it there. After they rob out the hive at your place, they will leave it alone. They are only there for the honey, they are not making a new colony.

  • Robbing bees may arrive within a week of the death of the original colony. Sometimes they never show up.
  • Robbing can help the customer by removing the honey, preventing any honey damage.
  • Robbing bees can take 7-10 days to completely remove the honey.
  • They do not spend the night, they return to their home.
  • They can be prevented by sealing all openings cracks and holes within 10-15 feet of the opening. Usually since robbing bees are not protecting their colony they will not sting, however the customer assumes all risk when sealing up the area.

Honey Comb

Bees create a honeycomb out beeswax. In this comb they raise their young and store their honey and pollen for food. After the bee colony is dead the beeswax will remain.

In later weeks and months, other bee colonies which are scouting for a new home can easily smell this beeswax and come make their home there. The customer is then left with a new colony of bees.

Budget Bee will come back out and exterminate again if this happens within 90 days. Usually this will not happen as the pesticide will not break down that fast and will ward off any new colonies. Re infestation can be prevented by reducing the odor given off by the bee hive by filling the cavity. Do this after the original colony has been killed.

*within 90 days to avoid an invading colony.