Houston Bee Removal

It is not always possible to remove and save the bees. It depends on how tangled up in the structure they are and how long they have been there. I will do live removal if requested and if possible.

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If it is a swarm that is lumping together it is very easy to save and place into a bee box. To capture a swarm a beekeeper must first capture the queen. This is fairly easy if the bee’s are hanging in a clump on a tree or shrub branch. Sometimes they will clump together and hang from:

  • A fence railing
  • The side of a house
  • Around the trunk of a tree
  • Underneath a picnic table.

In this condition the bee’s are resting and waiting for the scout bee’s to return with good news that they have found a new home.

Live Removal to Save the Bees

There are certain situations that make it possible to save the bees and relocate them and there are many in which the only thing that can be done is to exterminate the bees.

If it is a home where the siding is made from Masonite or brick and the bees are in the wall then its can be very hard to get them out without killing them in the process.

Some homes have wood siding that can be removed easily. In this case the siding can be removed and then combs taken out and then put into a bee box.

The box is left out close to the place where they were removed until the bees get used to their new home. This can take a few weeks. Then I would return in a few weeks and pick up the box and take it to some place safe for the bees to carry on.

If it is a swarm clinging to a tree branch or a fence they are very easy to capture and bring to safety.

Unfortunately in many cases live removal is not realistic. Many times the bees will not survive the procedure.